The objective of this course is to prepare students for a design engineering internship and to enhance the efficiency and design skills of existing engineers.
This tutorial series will cover the fundamentals of how to use SolidWorks quickly and efficiently. This series concisely teaches the student how to use SolidWorks while designing their very first piece of manufacturing equipment that presses bearings on motor shafts.
The instructor for this course is a former machine designer at Tesla Motors and Denso.
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Setting Hot Keys

The hotkeys used in this series are:
(Q) – Extrude Cut
(W) – Hole Wizard
(E) – Extrude
(T) – Measure
(F) – Fillet
(G) – Chamfer
(H) – Hide/Show Components
(M) – Mate
(L) – Line
(Shift+Q) – Sketch Entities, Point
(Shift+R) – Sketch Entities, Circle
(Shift+T) – Sketch Tools, Trim
(Shift+D) – Dimensions, Smart
(Shift+F) – Sketch Entities, Corner Rectangle
(Shift+H) – Dimensions, Make Horizontal
(Shift+Z) – Sketch Entities, Centerline (Construction Line)
(Shift+X) – Quick Snaps, Make Midpoint
(Shift+V) – Dimensions, Make Vertical
(Shift+B) – Make Coincident
(Ctrl+Q) – Force Regen (Rebuild)
Tutorial CAD Files
Download CAD Files
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