Sponsored Parties

Ai Machineshop is striving to make parts more affordable to everyone. We are seeking to partner and support up to 20 student organizations / educational communities / First Robotics teams and builders. If you are interested please contact us. For the organizations that we sponsor we provide our services heavily discounted or at cost in exchange for various sponsorship packages.

HyperXite | Hyperloop | University of California Irvine

HyperXite is currently developing and building the next generation of transportation that is safer, cheaper, faster and more energy efficient than cars, planes, boats and trains. Click the logo to learn more.

Sunseeker | SAE Solar Car | Western Michigan University

Are a team of students from Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo, Michigan. They design, build, and race solar powered vehicles in the American Solar Challenge. Click the logo to learn more.

UMD Loop | Hyperloop | University of Maryland

We are a team of engineering and physics students from the University of Maryland making the Hyperloop concept a reality. Click the rendering to learn more.