Sheet Metal Fabricators

Are you interested to see how we stack up against the competition? In this study we will compared ourselves verse various sheet metal fabricators including: Xometry vs Protolabs vs Rapid Manufacturing vs eMachineshop. Please check back soon.

Custom Bottle Openers

In this upcoming tutorial we will show you how to design a custom laser cut bottle opener for your company. Please check back soon.

SolidWorks Tutorials

Are you interested in learning SolidWorks? Click here to view our SolidWorks machine design tutorial series.

Discounts First Robotics & Makerspaces

We offer steep discounts to help enable young builders and developers.

Instant Quoting Tutorial

This a behind the scenes visual demonstration of Ai Machineshop's instant quoting engine reverse manufacturing sheet metal parts and gathering data to instantly provide a quote. The entire process takes a couple of seconds but this visual demonstration is slowed down.
These videos are slightly out of date. But show how the Ai Machineshop customizable quote interface works.