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SolidWorks Design Tutorials

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Instant Quoting Tutorials

Get Sheet Metal Fabrication Quote

Note: Currently 3D quoting engine returns an instant quote.
Step 1
Drag and drop 3D models & drawings.
Step 2
Models and drawings must have the same name.
Step 3
Click submit for quote. You will receive a customizable quote within hours.
Step 4
Configure parts as desired.
Design Guidelines
Drawings only need to contain tolerancing and hole callouts. Dimensions are not needed.

Laser Cutting Instant Quote

Note: Currently the 2D quoting engine is disabled.
Only 2D DXF files.
Standard Orientation
Responsive image
Responsive image
For the most accurate estimates please attempt to design with a standard orientation.
Step 1
Upload and submit for quote. You will receive estimates instantly.
Step 2
Configure parts as desired.
To receive and instant estimate do not upload a 3D model with your DXF.
Lastly, instant estimates only work for 2D designs. If you submit a drawing of a 3D model our system will generate an estimate that is NOT accurate. Instant quoting for 3D parts is in development.