Waterjet Cutting Services

Waterjet Cutting Services
Description - Waterjet cutting works by forcing extremely high pressured water through a thin nozzle. An abrasive is commonly added to the water to increase the cutting capability.

Capabilities - We waterjet cut parts up to 96"x144".

  • Versatility - Waterjet cutting is extremely powerful and cut through the toughest materials including thick plates of steel, and granite. However, it is also gentle enough to cut materials like polycarbonate, paper and foam.
  • Heat Free – Since waterjet cutting is heat free materials can be cut without work hardening, distorting or warping them.
  • Size – Very large parts and very small parts can be cut along with very thick and very thin parts.

  • Disadvantages
  • Cost – Waterjet cutting when compared to laser cutting is a slow process especially to obtain precision quality edges. However, when compared against machining or other manufacturing services it is very fast and cost efficient.

  • Materials - Aluminum, Steel, Stainless Steel, and Polycarbonate

    Instant Quote - Our online software is able to provide an instant quote for waterjet cutting. We will pick the process that is best suited for your project. Please upload a STEP file to get an instant customizable quote along with a drawing if desired to ensure your project meets its requirements. We would be grateful for the opportunity to quote and waterjet cut custom sheet metal parts for your projects.
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