Laser Cutting Services

Laser Cutting Services
Description - Laser cutting works by using optics to narrowly focus a beam of light. The beam of light melts the material which is then blown away by a gas jet.

Capabilities - We laser cut parts up to 60"x120".

  • Cost – Laser cutting is one of the most cost efficient ways to produce parts. Lasers have very high cutting speeds and are inexpensive to operate.
  • Edge Quality – When cutting suitable materials at appropriate thicknesses laser cutting leaves an excellent edge finish.

  • Disadvantages
  • Heat – Laser cutting uses energy to melt the material. During the process the material can be warped or work hardened.
  • Thickness – Laser cutters are quite limited on the size of material that can be cut through. Moving to thicker materials can begin to take much longer to cut, additionally the cut edge quality will begin to degrade.
  • Splash – When a new cut is being started as the material is blown away it will often bounce off the bed and leave what is known as splash marks on the back side of the material.

  • Materials - Aluminum, Steel, and Stainless Steel

    Instant Quote - Our online software is able to provide an instant quote for laser cutting. Whether its laser cutting or waterjet we will pick the process that is best suited for your project. Please upload a STEP file to get an instant customizable quote along with a drawing if desired to ensure your project meets its requirements. We would be grateful for the opportunity to quote and laser cut custom sheet metal parts for your projects.
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