Fab Shop

Laser Cutting Services
Laser Cutting Services
Ai Machineshop is striving to be a fully autonomous machine shop and is classified as a "fab job shop." Ai Machineshop's founder Dallas Chase spent many years working as a machine design mechanical manufacturing engineer at several companies including Tesla and Denso. While quoting and ordering parts for projects he became tired of waiting for machine shops to respond or and when they did the lead times were often longer than desired. Ai Machineshop was formed as a solution to quickly and conveniently quote and order custom sheet metal parts and machined parts at low prices.

Stock Materials

We work with carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum and polycarbonate. We work with material in the following forms: shim stock, sheet metal, plate, and precision ground plate. If there is a material that you need that we currently don't offer please contact us.

Sheet Metal Prototyping - Production

With the aid of our automated instant sheet metal fabrication quoting engine we are able to produce parts in as little as one week lead time from the time of upload.